Tuesday, 24 January 2012

On Garth Ennis & Gary Erskine's "Archangel"


The fourth installment of "The Year In Comics" is now up at Sequart Publishing. It's concerned with Ennis and Erskine's wonderfully tender-hearted and touching Archangel. It's a story which doesn't just put a stake through the heart of the myth that war comics can't be emotional, heartwarming and entirely free of machismo. It also cuts off the legend's head and burns both parts of its body to ashes while it's at it. As I might have let slip there, I think the world of Archangel, and I hope you might consider popping over to Sequart - here - for the spectacle of a grown man trying not to repeat "It's brilliant and I got all misty-eyed" over and over again.



  1. It's a great piece and on an excellent topic too. Ennis's WAR STORIES are vastly under-appreciated. I personally think he's an excellent writer of moving war comics, and I appreciate them far more than his more popular super-hero stuff. Which is fun, to be sure, but doesn't have the deep meaning Ennis does so well when he lets himself.

  2. Hello Julian:- Thank you! You know, there's a major-league Hollywood movie to be made out of Archangel. I'm absolutely baffled by the absence of a War Stories TV series at the least.