Sunday, 30 December 2012

In Q's Comics Column For January 2013

Just to say, the latest edition of Q should at this very moment be cheering up the shelves of newsagents and supermarkets across the nation. If I were you, I'd start at page 59 with Andrew Perry's splendid piece about Rihanna's recent out-there PR jaunt across the globe in a 777 crowded with 150 media types, and then work around it. And as you do, you may just come across the Q Comics column, where I've the privilege of reviewing Ed Piskor's Hip Hop Family Tree, Jason Aaron and Esad Ribic's Thor The Mighty, Brecht Evans' The Making Of, Peter Bagge's Reset and The Batman/Judge Dredd Collection, by, amongst others, Alan Grant, John Wagner, and Glenn Fabry. An excellent crop of comics, I think you'll agree, with one of those aforementioned graphic pleasures proving entirely deserving of a 5 star review.



  1. Well, personally, I started on page 125 :-)

    Some cool reviews, Colin, as ever. Hip Hop Family Tree sounds intriguing, as I'm a sucker for old skool Hip Hop and Electro ( remember that? ) - will have to give it a look.

    I haven't read it yet ( still stuck on all those fascinating playlists ) but I'm looking forward to the Rihanna article: it sounds horrible and fascinating at the same time...

    1. Hello cerebus660:- Top man :) Anyone who can make me laugh outloud on a wet Sunday afternoon is a top man by me!

      Hip Hop Family Tree is just brilliant. It's such wonderful stuff. I'm so looking forward to Fantagraphics producing the first of their collected editions. It was provisionally scheduled for January 2013, or so I thought, but I appear to have been wrong.

      The playlists are compelling, aren't they? But strap yourself in for the piece in Rihanna. It makes the accounts of Brinsley Schwartz's legendary misstep - when they flew a plane of journos over to see them supporting the Band in NY - look like perfect, career-securing PR.