Wednesday, 12 December 2012

On New Statesman, 2000AD, Al Ewing, Henry Flint & British Comics Week

From Al Ewing & Henry Flint's "Judge Dredd: The Cold Deck: Part II, from 2000AD 1807, 2012.
Over at, you can find an interview I did with writer Al Ewing and artist Henry Flint about their almost-lifelong relationships with 2000AD as both fans and professionals. Of course, a considerable part of that involves their estimable collaborations on Zombo and Judge Dredd. If you'd care to visit the interview - and I hope you might - then you can reach it here.

Both creators were magnanimous with their time. I can't thank them enough for being so. Similarly, Alex Hern at the New Statesman was both kind to ask me to contribute to British Comics Week and generous with his help.

I hope you'll consider checking out the other posts in the week-long series. Alex has sought out pieces on a broad range of topics, and kicked off things with this fine discussion of the comics journalism of Karrie Fransman and Tom Humberstone. Since every day sees new additions, you might like to keep popping in to the introductory page here to read what's there and to see what else has been added. At the time of writing, there's also this smart-minded piece on The Rise And Fall Of The Great British Football Comic by Seb Patrick.

From Ewing & Flint's "Zombo:Can I Eat You, Please" collection, originally published in 2000AD 2009/10
Why not pop over to the and check out how that cornerstone of British cultural life is continuing to recognise and celebrate the medium? To see that "British Comics Week" is one of the "hot topics" at the top of its homepage is to realise how much has changed where attitudes to the form are concerned.

Good times.


  1. That's an excellent interview, Colin. Nice work.

  2. Thanks for pointing these out Colin and conducting a great interview. Fantastic to see such positive, mature coverage in the mainstream press. I had almost forgotten about Roy of the Rovers and of how much I wanted a pair of football boots like Billy.


    1. Hello there:- Thank you for saying so :) I was chuffed to have a chance to contribute.

      And a pair like Billy's Boots? As a terrible footballer, I could've done with all the help I could. And yes, I did think about it when reading about our Bill ...